If you are planning an event that requires set-up, logistics assistance, staffing assistance, or overall management, please submit your request through the Room Reservation Request Form. Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley does not have a dedicated event staffing department. Arrangements can be made with the Facilities department for assistance in supporting your event, subject to priority and availability. Room rental fees and staffing charges may apply.

CMU-SV events

The CMU-SV employee, student organization or onsite department hosting the event is responsible for all arrangements including room reservations, ordering catering, requesting audiovisual equipment setup and requesting facility support. If additional charges are incurred for services such as room set-up, janitorial, catering, etc., these charges will be paid for by the requesting department (an Oracle string will need to be provided).

CMU-affiliated events

As an extension of our commitment as an active member of the CMU community, we may allow the use of our CMU-SV facilities to CMU affiliated partners subject to approval. Selective use of rooms within CMU-SV facilities may be allowed for events pending availability.

A CMU-SV designee (CMU faculty or staff member) must be present and in attendance during the scheduled event. CMU-SV reserves the right to ask its CMU affiliated partners to reschedule meetings if a business conflict occurs.

CMU-SV does not have a dedicated event services department. You will be responsible for event management, logistics and ordering catering. We can assist with room set-up and AV set-up.

How to request a room for events

  • Complete the online Room Reservation Request Form.
  • All requests will be reviewed by CMU-SV staff. The event manager, Stacy Marshall, will contact you for further details. If the event is after hours or on the weekend, further review and approval will be required.
  • For CMU-affiliated events ONLY: Applicable room rental fees will be charged on completion of event. Room reservations cannot be confirmed earlier than 6 month prior to the event date. If CMU-SV has a need for the room prior to 6 months out you will be contacted.