Purchasing—Silicon Valley Campus forms and policies

The purchasing of all supplies by members of the Silicon Valley Campus is coordinated through the campus administration to ensure all purchases are properly recorded in the university purchasing system. Many factors affect the method of procurement, including order total, vendor preference, etc.

When making purchases, the university recommends using preferred vendors when possible; these vendors have agreed-to terms and conditions with CMU, and the required paperwork is considerably less than using a non-preferred vendor. View preferred vendors listed by name and commodity (Andrew login required).

Silicon Valley campus purchasing forms should be returned by email to purchasing@sv.cmu.edu.

Purchasing request

All Silicon Valley purchasing requests are handled through email. Please complete and submit a Purchasing Request Form [pdf], being sure to complete all vendor information. (Download the form to your computer and use Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to fill out the fields.) The information provided will be verified and entered into the university purchasing system. After the requisition has gone through the proper channels and been approved, a purchase order will be generated. This purchase order will be printed and returned to the requisitioner.

  • Purchases can ONLY be made after the purchase order has been printed and returned.;
  • If any information is incorrect or missing, the requisition will be denied.
  • Please allow a three-day turn around time for purchase orders (longer for new vendors).

In order for a requisition to be made, the vendor’s name and pertinent information (address, billing terms, etc.) must be in the university purchasing system. Commonly used vendors will already be in the system. If you are using a new or obscure vendor, you must obtain their specific information before you can use a purchase order. Forms for this purpose can be found on the Finance Website. Print the forms and fax them to the vendor to fill out. Completed forms should be returned to the Purchasing Department by email.

A Purchasing Checklist and Bid Summary Form [pdf] must accompany all federally-funded purchase orders ≥$2,500. This form requires the solicitation of 3 quotations/proposals.

Once the purchase has been received, the requestor must immediately deliver the packing slip to the appropriate Silicon Valley staff or faculty member. When the shipment has been verified and the invoice is OK to pay, send notice to the appropriate individual. The notice should include the PO#, the vendor name, and the office or lab where the item(s) will be used/stored.

Submit a Purchasing Request Form [pdf] — Download the form and open in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to complete

P-Card verification

Submit a P-Card Verification Form [odf] — Download the form and open in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to complete

If you are a P-Card holder, the credit card can be used for purchases of single items that are under $1,000 (this is not the same as the credit threshold; please email purchasing@sv.cmu.edufor information on large orders).

Under no circumstances can you loan another individual your university purchasing card.

After making a purchase with your PCard, complete and submit the P-Card Verification Form [pdf] to purchasing@sv.cmu.edu and deliver the original receipt to Audrey Jin, Bldg 23, Rm 217C in the Admin Suite. Receipts must be turned in as soon as they are received. If you fail to return receipts in a timely manner, you will lose the privilege of using a credit card

Expense reimbursement

When it is convenient to purchase small items with cash from an outside vendor, the department may reimburse you when you provide appropriate documentation. Present receipts or the goods purchased to the appropriate individual, with your name written on the receipt and an account number given to you by your advisor. This service is only for legitimate supplies needed for research, lab work, etc., and your advisor must approve every purchase. Sales tax is not reimbursable.

See the expense reimbursement page for forms and additional information.

University Store (Pittsburgh only) or recharge center

Each store and recharge center handles its own bookkeeping. You need an account number, proper identification, and a signed authorization in order to purchase goods. You must have advance authorization before going to the University Shoppe, Art Store, or Computer Store at the main campus in Pittsburgh.