• 400 registered students
  • 15 core faculty; 8 researchers
  • A number of classes are offered across locations and time zones using novel educational and technological advances.
  • VentureBridge program supports development of new ventures from Carnegie Mellon students.
  • All degree programs leverage the unique entrepreneurial ecosystem to offer superior education, access to internships and coveted jobs, and opportunities for new startups.
  • Part-time program in Software Management allows students with day jobs to pursue their advanced product management degree at night.
  • Information Networking Institute programs are bicoastal, where students’ first two semesters are at the Pittsburgh location and the final semester(s) is in Silicon Valley.
  • The Software Engineering M.S. degree is being offered through distance learning to students at all College of Engineering locations.
  • Software Management alumni in executive management positions are listed as the most powerful women engineers in the world: Business Insider, Top Women to Watch Diversity Journal, Corporate Executive of the Year; Latina Style; and Top 25 Business Executives in Hispanic Business.
  • Distinguished Service Professor Bob Iannucci advises American Radio Relay League ham radio operators. Students participate in the annual Field Day event that promotes emergency communications preparedness.





  • Entrepreneurship
  • Information Security & Privacy
  • Internet of things
  • Mobility
  • Product management
  • Sensors
  • Software engineering



  • Extend the brand of Carnegie Mellon to Silicon Valley (CMU-SV)
  • Create new opportunities for students and faculty from Pittsburgh in the CMU-SV region
  • Offer programs that leverage the CMU-SV ecosystem
  • Become a conduit for entrepreneurial activities for students and faculty