How to connect to CMU­SECURE wireless network in Windows 7.

1. Click the network icon in the taskbar to show available networks, and select CMU­SECURE.


2. Click Connect, and you will first see the first dialog below, followed right away with a second dialog on top of the first, prompting to authenticate. Enter your AndrewID (no trailing as the User name and your Andrew ID password in the Password field.


3. If you have not connected to CMU­SECURE previously, you will be asked whether to continue connecting. Click Details which should reveal the message below about “AddTrustExternal CA Root.”


4. Click to Connect your computer to the CMU­SECURE network. The dialog will dismiss. You’ll have to click the network icon in the taskbar to see:


5. Take this opportunity to manage your wireless network profiles and remove old entries. Click Open Network and Sharing Center (at the bottom).


6. Click Manage wireless networks in the left pane, near the top. Then, select a profile to modify, reorder, or delete.