Facial coverings

Everyone must wear a facial covering (sufficient to cover the nose and mouth) at all times — both inside and outside of buildings.

Appropriate face coverings include:

  • surgical masks
  • cloth face coverings that are made to be attached to your head and face

Unacceptable face coverings include:
  • bandannas
  • towels
  • handkerchiefs

Exceptions include: While eating or drinking, or when alone in a private space, such as an office or enclosed vehicle. When outdoors, facial coverings are expected to be worn at all times. If you cannot wear a facial covering due to a medical condition, please contact either the Office of Disability Resources (students) or HR Disability Services (employees) to request an exemption as an accommodation. If you are in need of a facial covering, contact Stacy Marshall, the CMU-SV Pandemic Safety Officer (stacy.marshall@sv.cmu.edu), for assistance.

Daily Symptom Self-Assessment 

Daily Symptom Self-Assessment: All faculty, staff, students and visitors must participate in the CMU-SV daily symptom self-assessment administered by One Medical, which includes temperature monitoring, for any day they are planning to be on campus. Information on using the One Medical daily symptom self-assessment tool can be found here. It is strongly recommended to participate even if not planning to be on campus. Students must complete the symptom self-assessment daily if they are in the local area.

Anyone who is sick must stay home

All employees, students, contractors and anyone else planning to be on campus who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms must stay home.

Faculty, staff, and students who have received a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, or have had close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual within the last 14 days must inform Lauren Schachar, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for CMU-SV (lauren.schachar@sv.cmu.edu) to initiate communication protocols. Information regarding your circumstances will only be shared as necessary for the university to safeguard the community and to comply with any applicable laws or government orders. They must stay home and cannot return to campus unless cleared by a healthcare practitioner. Faculty and staff should provide documentation of their clearance to the CMU Office of Human Resources by contacting Matt McCabe, Leaves Administration Manager (mmccabe@andrew.cmu.edu). Students should provide documentation of their clearance to Lauren Schachar (lauren.schachar@sv.cmu.edu).

Visitors, contractors and other persons who are planning to be on campus and received a positive diagnosis or close contact exposure in the last 14 days must inform their local supervisor or CMU-SV host. They must stay home and cannot return to campus unless cleared by a healthcare practitioner. The supervisor or CMU-SV host will inform Lauren Schachar (lauren.schachar@sv.cmu.edu) to initiate communication protocols.


Physical Distancing

All employees, students, contractors, and anyone else on campus must maintain 6 feet (2 meters) distance between themselves and others and minimize any close contact to no more than 15 minutes.



Employees and students will wash their hands after coming into contact with high-touch surfaces. Employees and students are required to use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not available.


In-person Meetings

In-person gatherings or meetings other than as part of a class are strongly discouraged. All meetings should be held virtually via Zoom or other conferencing technologies whenever possible. However, in-person gatherings or meetings may be permitted in spaces that will allow proper social distancing, by request to Stacy Marshall, the CMU-SV Pandemic Safety Officer (stacy.marshall@sv.cmu.edu).


Enhanced Sanitation and Disinfection

Every 24 hours CMU-SV Facilities Management will conduct enhanced sanitation and disinfection in high traffic and common areas that are in use. Restrooms and other high-touch areas will be disinfected additional times during the day. CMU-SV Facilities Management is following CDC Guidelines for cleaning and is available for consultation regarding additional or enhanced cleaning needs. Contact CMU-SV Facilities Management to arrange a discussion about specific spaces.


Indoor/Outdoor Instruction

Consistent with guidance from the California Department of Health, indoor lecture courses are prohibited in any county that is listed on the State County Data Monitoring List for three consecutive days.  Course instruction at CMU-SV may be moved to outdoor areas on campus, as necessary based on Santa Clara County’s status on the State County Data Monitoring List.


California Department of Health Guidance

On August 7, 2020, the California Department of Health and California Department of Industrial Relations released joint COVID-19 Industry Guidance for Institutions of Higher Education.  As required by this guidance, CMU-SV has adopted a written COVID-19 prevention plan.  Many elements of this plan are summarized in these Minimum Requirements, as well as the CMU-SV COVID-19 Student Resources.

Note: The Minimum Requirements listed here are effective as of the date shown and are subject to change in the future. Exceptions to the minimum requirements as written into Return to Campus Plans may only be made with the approval of the COVID-19 Coordinator.